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FS2004 french Airbase sceneries from Tony Mezieres


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Hi All,


I'm looking for Airbase Sceneries from Tony Mezieres (which passed away in 2009), R.I.P.


There is only a dead linking via http://www.mirage4fs.com/home.html but the original server for

download is not active furthermore. These files are as:


LFBG-Chateaubernard AB -> LFBG.zip 6,5MB


LFBM- Mont-de-Marsan AB -> LFBM.zip 6,4MB


LFKS-Solenzara AB ->BA126LFKS.exe 28,1MB


LFMO-Orange-Caritat AB -> LFMO.zip 12,8MB


LFOC-Chateaudun AB -> LFOC.zip 9,3MB


LFPC-Creil AB -> BA110Creil.exe 20,8MB



Is there any chance for re-download or can you send me a PM if donwload these files before.

Thank you in advance.


Kind Regards,


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Hi Bernd,


Some of the files you want can be found on the MAIW website suggested in post #2. They are mostly contained within the Mirage 2000 packages - as per the info contained on the mirage4fs website. the reason why you get the MAIW bad URL link is because the MAIW website was recently updated/rebuilt. Also note that for many of the MAIW sceneries you will also need to download the MAIW Objects Library



You will need to create a free account to be able to download the files but you can browse as a guest and read the info appertaining to the package




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Hi Brian,


Thanks for the hint for MAIW package included sceneries... I simply forgot that MAIW include

sceneries as well...

Beside MAIW it seems to me that files from Tony Mezieres are not available furthermore,

because file storage is lost ant end of link chain for download... even from https://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004.html, it always end this way...


Kind Regards,


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...got at last all available sceneries downloaded for FS2004 for creating a new complete install for FS9

to keep it alive, but missed at last LFOC-Châteaudun EAR 279 (closed), now used for storage F.1 and Mirage 5...


Thank you for your help again.

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