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CH Products Flight Controls Yoke-USB Pedals-Throttle Quad

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Inquiry - Is there some kind of "complete" direction on setting up the Flight Controls I have (CH Products - All)? Unlike FS9 there does not seem to be enough lattitude on picking which buttons/movements can one select. E.G., on the Throttle Quad I have the Prop/Mixture and 4 throttle controls, plus 12 Button options for configuring each engine start, Flaps, etc.... I'm sure you S9 guy's know what I'm refering to. The only thing I could get working on my Yoke was the Ailerons and Elevators.........nothing else. No option for looking around with the Hat Switch. Rudders? Nothing!!


Perhaps there is a manual published for purchase on exactly how to configure all this stuff?


Help. :pilot:

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