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Couple of questions from a new user

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Bought my first copy of Flight Simulator back when it came on a floppy disk. Played for a while and then life got in the way and haven’t been able to play since. After being retired for the past 16 years I found out about iracing and was hooked immediately. Bought a gaming computer fit to run iracing, a wheel and pedals and can’t believe how real it feels to race. Now, the guys I race with started talking about the new Flight Sim game and when I checked it out it brought back good memories. So, I bought a Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant System, bought and downloaded the flight Simulator program and away I go. I have been able to take off and fly around my home town. Landing is another thing. Now for some questions;


1- How do I program the middle throttle, (blue) to work as the flap controller? The black throttle control works and the red mixture works but I see nothing from the blue controller.

2- How do I program all the buttons on the yoke and throttle? In iracing I was able to assign the buttons on the wheel from the options setting, but I haven’t found that here.

Thank you

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The Blue is most likely set for Prop Pitch which will come in handy when you fly a variable propeller pitch aircraft


Thank you. I was able to find the options to assign levers and buttons. Got the parking brake toggle set and it works. However, I am unable to set the four flap settings on the blue lever. I can set it so the flaps go down without stopping and go up without stopping but I can't seem to assign a 25%, 50% or 75%. It either all or none. Still trying

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I'm not familiar with the Yoke your using, but in order to use the Prop Angle throttle, you'd need to assign the flaps to an Axis, if one if available for that. If not, you'd have to assign the flap movement to either a toggle, or a series of buttons.

On my CH yoke, I have it the Decrease Flaps assigned to the up motion of a toggle, and the Increase Flaps assigned to the down motion of the same toggle. Works great

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