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First Real Flight ~ KOPF to MYGF

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Flew my first complete flight from KOPF to MYGF in the Cessna 172. Love flying South Florida and the Caribbean. Very nice. Flew over a Cruise Ship heading to Florida at 5000 FT. Pretty awesome. Set at 1080p sliders on pretty much high. Running a 9th Gen I7, RTX 2060 super w 8 gigs, 48 gigs of ram and using a 500 GB Nvm.2 SSD. Logitech Rudders, Yoke and Throttle. Up until this flight I was just meandering around a bit over Long Island out of KISP using different aircraft for giggles and poops. Learning curve no doubt. Scenery is fantastic. Flight dynamics need some updating though. I am sure there will be patches in the future. Methinks they pushed this out a little too quickly IMHO. I am pretty happy with it so far.

Just my 2 cents (before taxes)

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