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2D Panel with option for full view?

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Anyone know if you can fly with a 2D panel or more importantly I am interested in the full view as I have a cockpit with a lot of switches etc at home and it seems weird to be flying with only 3D view or outside view. In other words, how are cockpit builders going to fly this (view wise)?
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I want to know the same thing. I don't mind the 3D view as much. I would like a 2D option though. But I would like to have the full screen option where you just have the basic instruments if any at all. On FS2004 you used to be able to hit 'W' and get exactly that. And shift + Z would give you the vitals in red text at the top of the screen. I really liked having that and also being able to have a full view and look back at the wing. I also want to be able to move my head closer to the window in the cockpit to look directly down more.


Going back to the full view option. If they had the instruments just like they do in the external view and have the full view option from the cockpit then that would be perfect.


Does anyone know who to get all this?

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