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Disappointed with FS2020 for now, but there is green pastures ahead

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Spent the whole day downloading FS2020 and just after midnight loaded my home airport KFRG. Without getting into details I have an Alienware Gaming Laptop bought in 2016.


From the time you click on the FS2020 link to the time you are in an aircraft ready to fly. Average loading time 12 - 14 minutes (tried 4 times). That is crazy!


BUT, once KFRG loaded, OMG wow. It looks awesome even at medium setting. Amazing.


Flew to JFK just east and the frame rate started to drop 1 frame every 2 seconds a slide show. It has to do with my hardware of course.


Sometime this Christmas will get a current rig with the right hardware to make the best of it.

Started: Flight Simulator 98 (Year 1999)

Private Pilot Certificate ASEL: August 7th 2014

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Yikes! I have been there and know that feeling my friend. Back when I had my Area51 Alienware (06 or 07?) I thought it would be all ready for FSX... swing and a miss! the poor taste left in my mouth from that experience still sticks with me.. But I will say that I have flown LGA-JFK-FRG-ISP in some custom weather, and it was amazing! Hopefully you get to experience it in all its detailed glory.. I was worried that this was going to be FSX all over for me, but I am extremely surprised with how its working so far!
Cooler Master MC500M case, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI Hero MoBo, 64g G.SKILL TridentZ RGB DDR4 Ram, Intel i9- 9900k @5.1Ghz, Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R, Nvidia RTX 2080TI, 10TB of storage (2 of that on m.2 970evo SSDs) Running in 3840x2160.
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