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First. Does anyone know if and how to contact another live flyer visible in the area you are in. I am thinking first I will need a headset to get going.

Secondly, I am in Australia and wondering if there are others who would like to plan and meet up for some joint VFR trips around the country. Maybe a Aus Facebook page where dates, locations and times can be organized and or do we divulge our email and mobile numbers to see who is available and want to join in.

Just think it would be a bit of fun having some mates on a fly in to places like Hamilton Island etc

Post your thoughts


Flying around as VH-MLY (used to be my C182 Skylane back in the late 70s and early 80,s )

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Yes! Please... would like to do some vfr flying with other live flyers as well. I'll be downloading Melbourne, Brissy and gold coast into the manual cache in high quality tomorrow. Maybe also Hamilton Island and cairns too.


What I understood from playing with the traffic settings that unless you're in a multi-player session, the only live traffic in the sim are real world live traffic from flightaware. I'm yet to figure out how to join the msfs multiplayer system.


Flew the c172 around Toronto canada with manual cached scenery and I think I'm getting the hang of keyboard flying. Haven't set up my Saitek x52 yet but will do so over the weekend along with vpilot for vatsim.


But ive struggled with crosswinds and wind gusts when flying out of YWBE on the c172 so far. Once I get more used to the jet aircraft, I'm looking forward to the vatsim Milk Run syd-mel events.


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