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Hat switch pan?

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anyone know how? Default is quick look.


I think the hat switch toggles between close, wide and landing views for up/down. Then left/right it just pans and snaps back to center. I am getting used to it actually. You can use the keyboard arrow buttons as well to pan around the cockpit more freely. Anyway just waiting to get trackir working...and ultimately VR.

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Under camera assignments it can be change so instead of a snap look it pans. You have to have your flightstick selected first, then be sure bindings are set to "All". Scroll down under Camera then Cockpit, or use the search, for view options. Clear the current bindings or the silly thing will bind to both. Tricky thing is each direction has to be assigned separately, so 8 different assignments as the diagonals are their own separate assignment.
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I'm so used to the main hat switch on my stick being a proper pan that this new toggle view function is driving me nuts!


I'm slowly getting used to it, but it's definitely not my preferred way...


BTW, there are adjustments you can make for the cameras in-game, but I'm not sure I like the configurations any better.

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Quick looks have their use but an external camera that can slowly examine the aircraft and zoom in and out seems like a necessity. i have yet to discover it. anyone else discover a slow smooth external view?

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