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Downloading to secondary drive direct or thru c:

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I can set my download location to my secondary drive and download direct but I read some items go on the c: drive. Will that happen automatically or should I download to c: and do I then get a choice to put program on secondary drive?



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On the initial download the C:User/data folder came up as the destination but there was an option to locate the download to my dedicated D: drive. That was where I used to have FSX and XPlane but I moved all the files to another external drive before downloading 2020. All I had to do was create a new Flt Sim folder in the root directory and bingo everything went there okay. Couple of issues getting the second 95 gb of data downloaded but probably because of the high demand at the moment. My connection was about 30mps and it took around 5 hours to DL. Music while downloading is horrible so hope they change that.



PS. You may experience the download failing to start the second part. Just shut it down and restart it a couple of times.

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