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Up and running with my own flight, have to say that is rather lovely.


Set up a flight from Kemble to Southampton with the microlight and even on medium detail the eastern side of Swindon is quite recognisable - the GWH Hospital, Coate Water and all the roads are in the correct place.


Some of the key controls (especially views) will take a bit of getting used to, shame there's not an option to apply FSX defaults. Setting trim was also a bit tricky as I had a tendency to over compensate with the keys.


I did try a flight in one of the autopilot equipped GA but as soon as I engaged Alt Hold, ploughed into the ground, so definitely work to be done there. However for VFR flying using Bing Maps data this is going to take some beating.


The nav map needs some work too as I can't see a way to apply user waypoints, however I note it is saved in .pln format so should be possible to use existing planning software to draw up a custom plan.



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