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Fireside Chat with Lloyd “Bozo� Abel from Top Gun


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What: Fireside Chat with Lloyd “Bozo” Abel from Top Gun

When: Monday, Aug 17th, 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 2200 UTC (one night only)

Where: TeamSpeak, connect to ts3.digitalthemepark.com

Additional Info: http://www.digitalthemepark.com


We patiently wait for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator release! I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure this week to meet and assist many of you in the community this week. Monday is going to be really crazy, so to pass the time we are having a guest speaker come in.


We are pleased to welcome Lloyd “Bozo” Abel the naval aviator from the 1986 movie Top Gun. “Bozo” was responsible for all aspects of the aerial coordination and flying sequences. He also performed the famous “Buzzing the Tower” scene. Does this bring back old memories? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxvqLfI0ukM.


“Bozo” has over 20,200 hrs of flight time between his military (USN) and commercial (Northwest & Delta) career.

Military: F-4 (850 hr); F-14 (2200 hr); A-4 (800 hr); 810 Carrier Landings.

Commercial: 727 (2000 hr); DC-10 (3400 hr); DC-9 (3000 hr); A-320 (7600 hr).

Light Civilian: Several types (350 hr).


Join us to learn more about his career as a naval aviator and filming of this iconic movie. This is an event you will not want to miss. For more information and pictures, please visit http://www.digitalthemepark.com


Note: We suggest getting connected before the event in order to make sure your headset fully works, and familiar with DTP. We appreciate your understanding that we refuse to “seat” folks after the event has started.



DigitalThemePark is a multi-gaming community of 24,000+ virtual citizens. It provides organization and congregation of gamers through the use of Voice-over IP (TeamSpeak 3) while promoting the interests of gaming, software, and hardware. DigitalThemePark uses dedicated servers "in-the-cloud" for all of its 24/7 dedicated VoIP and Multiplayer services.

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-Todd, aka Zoolander64

Check out Flightsim.com "live" events and DigitalThemePark

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