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The 'fsx.CFG.txt' or 'fs9.CFG.txt' files-- What are their purpose?


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If the FSX.cfg or FS9.cfg; are the main files that take care of business, then what is the purpose of the simulator even producing a -CFG.txt file to accompany it? It in essence reads the same exact thing, but does nothing operational.


If I want to experiment w/ a new .cfg file and put the old one in a storage folder while I'm testing, do I also need to put its matching -CFG.txt file away in the same folder?


Or I can leave it outside in the main 'Users/(Name)/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FS9 or FSX folder, and it will sit there just fine w/o disrupting my test with the new .cfg file?




-- John

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fsx.CFG has the current time and date and is created every time FSX is closed


fsx.CFG.txt has older time and time and was created when FSX crashed to create a log for Microsoft. It's not clear what, if anything, it ever did and can be deleted.

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