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Is it worth it to start building P3D now or go for MSFS?


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Hi there,


in my lack of experience, my question is if it is still woth it to go for P3D or should i wait for MSFS? I always wanted to build a flight sim and I am an airliner guy. So i want to get as close to realisem as possible. And I love the PMDG planes, GSX and all this fancy stuff, but it will not be available for MSFS for some time.

But is it worth to start now with P3D?


thanks a lot in advance



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In the long run FS2020 would likely be the best choice.

But much is still unknown and it has has not proven itself publicly yet.

We also don't know how long it will take developers like PMDG to come up with an addon that meets your standards.


P3D's (or Xplane's, or FSX's) qualities are known.

And al lot of addons are available now.

But they are older simulators and may not improve more.

So if you need something quick one of these would be your choice.

But that could mean having to pay twice or skip FS2020 for a while.

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