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Preview of Just Flight Fokker F27 Friendship

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Looks good! I have flown numerous jumpseat flights on the old Dino long ago....cargo version. Of course they did not have an autopilot. Yet, the aircraft was quite easy to handle according to the flight crews. Does the JF F27 model water meth usage?


The aircraft seems to run quite well on your system...no frame rate issues to speak of, correct? I made the mistake of buying JF's DC-8 20-40 series that has a horrible HSI problem....makes the sim stutter while turning the aircraft. Yes, it's caused by the HSI movements. At any rate, maybe JF needs to put the F27 HSI in the DC-8 :)

JOE- Asus P8Z68- V Pro; CPU: Intel i7-2600K 3.4ghz OC'd 4.6Ghz,

8G Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1600, EVGA 1080Ti 11G ACX Cooler

Samsung 500G OS drive, 3 WD 1T Raptor HDD

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