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ai UT2 repaint question

Ken Thompson

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I finally learned how to update UT2 with current United Airlines repaints. However I find that I still have some planes that are not updated such as, what appear to be, 737-200 or 737-300. They are 737 with the shorter, wider body and no winglets. I also have some 757s that have the old colors. I have searched the file library and avsim library and cannot find the older 737s. Does anyone have suggestions or are your airports filled with some of the older paint scheme planes?


Thanks in advance.

Intel 4th Gen i7 4790 (4.4GHz Overclock) Quad Core Corsair H80i Liquid Cooler, 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 770, 250 GB SSD, 2 TB 7200
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