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New Pilot Checking In!


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Hello everyone! I’m new here and have just picked up FSX Steam Edition about a week ago. I’ve flown 11 hours already with various flights from NYC to Cleveland and Chicago in the default 737 the sim provides. I’m really enjoying myself with FSX and have bought some payware to enhance the experience as the base sim leaves much to be desired visually.


I bought some Orbx scenery and REX texture packs and after all is said and done I’ve spent enough to buy FS2020 Premium Edition lol. I’m going to wait to migrate to FS2020 when it releases on Steam, which it should somewhere down the line. I also plan on buying Aerosoft’s Huey X next month and am looking forward to it. If you have Huey X please tell me your thoughts about it so I can make a more informed decision but I’ll probably buy it anyways as I love the Huey.


Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself here and am looking forward to being part of the Flight Sim community.:pilot:

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