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Pan American Virtual


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Pan American Virtual


Flexin’ Wings Around the Globe!



Pan American Virtual is a virtual airline created for flight simulation enthusiasts, aiming to relive the legacy of one of the best known real world airline; Pan American World Airways.


Founded in 2017, we are dedicated enhancing the flight simulation experience.


Whether you fly online for a realistic experience or offline with AI Traffic, you will find a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy your hobby.




Fly any of the over 9600 flights with regardless of rank


Progress in Rank


Earn awards and ribbons


No restrictive and/or dictated must flown routes


Fun and Friendly Atmosphere


11 Hubs


Over 30 aircraft ranging from the Boeing 314 Flying Boat to the Boeing 787-900 to include historical, retro and modern airliners


Supports and uses TFDi SmartCARS flight tracking system


Monthly tours and/or challenges


Apply by August 31st, 2020, receive 25 bonus flight hours!!


Flex your wings around the Globe!!


Apply Today!!


Perry Fincher

CEO of Pan American Virtual

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