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Well, here we go again.. One third of the world is missing.


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Yeah, I know this is my fault. I've been on a "building phase" in recent weeks working on some helo's (Bell 412 and 430) plus some scenery for them and, well, at some point the 5-pound-bag (FS2002) gets a little too full and Diego Garcia disappears. :eek:

I'm not sure if it was a bad scenery download or just that toothpick that broke the camel's back but all of sudden about 1/3 of the planet is gone. To be more precise, if I try to jump to an airport like FJDG or anywhere in western Australia the game just locks up and I have to thump the PC with a restart.


Crap. :p


The problem is, I've done this before on my old PC. I told myself I'd do more back-ups with things like scenery.cfgs so in case I did screw something up, I could reload them and cross my fingers. On this newer machine, it hasn't been much of an issue. Naturally, I blew off my good advise. :p


But at least I have some options. :cool: Last year, I bought a new hard drive and cloned everything to it before swapping the drives. My first option will be to hook the original "donor" drive up via a cable and get the copies of my older FS CFG files back. That will, at least, get me back in business and I'll only have to update the World file for scenery I added since I cloned the drive.


The next option is not a re-install, exactly, but a couple of years ago I bought a mint condition set of FS2002 Pro disks in the original packaging. :cool: What I'm running now is the FS2002 vanilla install plus the additional "Pro" aircraft that I borrowed off the Pro disks.

If I do the Pro install, I'll need to delete the vanilla version first then re-install everything. I'm really tempted to do this (I'll also get the SDK and GMax) but I really don't need them.


The last option is to say "Who flies to Diego or Western Oz, anyway?" and just leave things as they are. Diego Garcia was important when I was in my "B-52 total immersion" phase. It was a real challenge to figure out how to convert the Alphasim B-52's to FS2002 and then learn how fly them properly (imagine hitting all of your waypoints within a two minute window during an 8-12 hour flight). I think I wound up with something over 300 logged hours and it was also a lot of fun but I'm not in a hurry to do it again.

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Chris; I was tempted but I wound up with giving this build one more chance. :D

Part of the drill is to see how far I can push it. :pilot:


Anyway, I got my scenery back-ups off the old drive plus an older cfg for Editvoicepack I had toasted with a bad download and dropped them in.

Started FS and selected Diego Garcia and no problems. :cool:


Now comes the tricky part, I need to back up the good scenery.cfg files and start adding the scenery files I had added since the old drive got cloned. I know what files I had added recently and they are where I left them, I just need to double check they didn't hose the old cfg file.

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That's what Uncle Adolph said too! CF2 and CF3 run better on Windows 7 than CF1. I like planes with round engines! Fs98 has lots of Golden Wings add ons for it! 1.2 Gigs for the Fs98 folder!


Thanks, Bob!


Christoper Tarana

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