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Updating Scenery for Fightsim 2.0


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So back in the day I cut my teeth on Sublogic Flightsim 2.0 Recently I came across the game for the Commodore 64 along with the scenery disks. There were originally supposed to be 12 disks, but 8 and 10 were never done. When I looked at some the documentation, it appears that in the many years since release, airports have been closed, VOR frequencies have changed, and the world has seemed to move on.


I was thinking, as many of the scenery disks are without documentation or maps that I can find, wouldn't be neat to dump the scene data and maybe even update the disks with new information. I've been picking apart the C64 version of the game and have made some interesting discoveries.


First, the game does not use files to store game data. It directly reads the disk sectors. These have been placed in "Chunks" around the disk. Some of the parts of the game include, the bootloader, main kernel, panel graphics, rendering engine, and the scenery.


The scenery takes up 7 "Chunks" on the disk. All a scenery disk has is the scenery data "chunks" where the game expects to find them, and no program data. I'm beginning to try and make some headway into the disks and the format. If anyone knows any information about how this data is put on the disk that would be helpful :)


I have a theory that the scenery was put together independent of the platform, as all versions of Flightsim 2 use the same sector-based disk data system. (For example, the PC version can not be installed to a hard drive and must be ran from floppy).


Anyone what to help with the research?

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This program would be well in excess of 30 years out of date.


I'd be surprised if there are too many who have any interest in it.

Spent way too much time using these sims...

FS 5.1, FS-98, FS-2000, FS-2002, FS-2004, FSX, Flight, FSW, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, MSFS

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