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Can't select addon scenery


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Hi there,

I've seen lots of threads all over the internet about people not being able to activate addon scenery, but this seems to be a different problem. I downloaded Orbx' freeware KHQM scenery and ran the installer. The scenery shows up in my library, but when trying to select ot from the airport selection screen, the list is empty:




Btw, as advised I did NOT install FSX to c:\program files\.

OS is Windows 8.1.


What am I doing wrong here?

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You have to select "search default scenry", not "search addon scenery". Then just select the airport.

Sie sollten da "standardszenerie suchen" wahlen!

Nicht "Add-On-Szenerie suchen".

Dann einfach Flughafen wahlen.

Enjoy, Spass, il88pp.

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