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Wilcopub excellent job........

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Last month I bought Wilcopub 'CRJ Next Gen' Flightsim becomes fun when you install add-ons. Problem with add-ons is that they can become very expensive. One publisher sells you landclass for a whole continent for $ 30,00 another sells you the same for 1 country for that price. And then the latter will only work if you first buy 2 basic packages for $ 90,00 and $ 60.00 each.......

My add-on budget is as limited as the space I have on my desk to put anything more then a flatscreen , keyboard and mouse. Also I'm getting a bit older meaning that I can no longer distinguish very small items on the screen. In short I can only fly an aircraft that has at least a regular classic 2D Panel view to begin with as default first option.(shift-1) regular = PFD, ND, AP glareshield, Engines throttles and maybe comms., flaps gear etc. the basic stuff.

When I started the Wilcopub CRJ700 I was impressed by the VC, the exterior details, and all other options. FMS etc. My first flight was wonderfull, ( fuel 40/20/40) to me it handled very realistic, light, very agile , responsive in power settings. It made me believe I was flying a 'regional jet' , that's what simming is about for me. I fly since FS4 5 1/4'days. I never had money to buy a pc that could fly the 'then' released Sim so I allmost allways had to wait about 10 years to step 1 version up. I started FS9 in 2010, I started FSX SE in 2020.......


I noticed on start up that there was no classic 2D panel. First I must admit here that if I had searched longer in the 'Fora' I could have known this. In the beginning I was not happy with it and I even mailed Wilcopub that I made an error in buying the product. On their product page it is not stated that this aircraft does not have a classic 2D Panel. Like some other Vendors (Carenado) sometimes do state and I give them credit for that allthough I will not buy a 'no 2D' product. Also Wilcopub clearly states on their product page that no refund can be given if a product cannot be used. They answered me by PM after 2 days that a refund could not be given. This turned out to be 'a blessing'

A very big 'plus' for the Wilco CRJ is that it is an all glass cockpit, so all different screens are available as 2D pop-up screens. These individual screens can be dragged and resized at will, you can put them anywhere you could possibly want. Then I added in the CRJ700 'panel CFG' an entry for the default 'Kingair Throttle quadrant'. This is the result of my fiddeling around with some available panel pop ups, I'm very happy with it. Wilcopub CRJ700 NextGen has now become my all favorite short haul 100nm full FMC - full AP Jetliner. VC and all instruments, knobs etc work 'no prob' regards Peter

I7 6700K GTX1050TI4G 16GDDR4 SSD500G C:/Steam/////FSX




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I5 12600K - RTX3060TI - 32GB 3600 - M2 - WIN11 - FS8/9/X - MSFS - full ORBX UTX etc. 



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Sounds like a nice plane. Good job on installing Steam to the root of C drive. That right there will help eliminate any headaches.


Now the real CRJ has no auto throttle. Is it like that in this model? It should be.

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hi, the autopilot part of the 2D panel has no clickable AT on/off switch. However there is a clickable Speed on/off switch and a working Speed Selection knob.

The manual says :


- SPEED : Sets the autopilot target speed when speed mode is engaged. Even if the CRJ has no

auto-throttle system, you can adjust the speed. When climbing or descending, the autopilot will

automatically adjust the vertical speed to maintain the target speed.


I noticed that it works like this in the Sim. To me this plane flies very easy and stable with working ILS. It is a € 15,00 product, so I can easily accept when some items or specs are not like the real CRJ.

It's like I wrote in my first mail, I keep my expectations in line with the money I am able to spent.

There's the Aerosoft CRJ that goes for € 51.00 , that's far above my budget. No prob, I'm

content with how it performs. Remeber WILCO from FS98/FS2000 days, Airport2000 parts 1,2 and 3.

Six different airplanes, six different airports, missions and a written manual in a box for € 15,00.

And their famous groundbraking Wilco B767 with Eric Ernst Panel (I still have the manuals as a memory)

be happy stay safe Peter


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I5 12600K - RTX3060TI - 32GB 3600 - M2 - WIN11 - FS8/9/X - MSFS - full ORBX UTX etc. 



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