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Dispatched Airlines?

Iron Horse

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Good evening all.

I have been watching this area for a few years now, and have been mulling over an idea. Have visited several VA's, and have joined two. One is a good one with good people, and I enjoy being there. The other is...was the same up until about six months ago when the owners more or less just up and disappeared. Sooo, I thought more on this idea, and decided to post it here in its rough draft to see what might become of it.


Is there a cargo type or charter VA that has a point to point operating system? This would be similar to driving a truck. You leave your base (wherever) and fly to your first stop, where you pick up your "load" and take it to stop number two. You then pick up a "load," and take it to stop number 3, and so on. There would be periodic returns to base for scheduled maintenance, or any other thing the powers that be may require. This allows you to spend much longer times away from the home base, seeing new sights, etc., without the "fly out, fly back, fly out, fly back scenerio which does a pretty good imitation of mirroring my day job... Ha!

I'm not complaining at all, mind you, just looking to see if anyone had/has the same idea in their VA.

Thank you for your time.


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That would require a fairly customized version of the software that runs the websites.


Most of the software works on the hub and spoke system in which pilots and aircraft are assigned to a single hub and they fly out and back routes.


There is software from Crazycreatives Connecting Routes Searce for phpvms that will allow you to have up to 3 stops between two airports, but the schedule would have to support that. The other option is Random Jobs (which I have on my VA) that allows pilots to designate a departure airport and the system will slowly create a number of possible jobs departing that airport.


The problem with Crazycreatives is their owner has not been heard from since December 2019 so until he comes back I would be very cautious of buying new modules. The other issue is phpvms 7 is close to release and right now none of the old modules will work with the new phpvms.

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