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Universal Airways is accepting with open wings!


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Capt: Pre-Flight Checklist

Co-Pilot: Teamspeak

Capt: On

Co-Pilot: Vatsim

Capt: Set

Co-Pilot: Pre-Flight Checklist Completed

Capt: Good now lets get going to Mexico City

Co-Pilot: But Captain our Airline, Southwest, doesn't fly from KSAT to MMMX

Capt: What? Why Not? Why cant we just add it into the route map?

Co-Pilot: Because the real Southwest Airlines doesn't fly their so our VA wont add the route.

Capt: What do I do now? I cant join another Airline and start from scratch with my hours

Co-Pilot: Captain, I heard that Universal Airways is accepting and allow easy transfer of flight hours!

Capt: Where and what do they fly?

Co-Pilot: well when they are fully implemented the answer will be everywhere!

Capt: How so?

Co-Pilot: Universal Airways is not bound to any specific airline, instead they combine multiple airline operations under 1 airline. Currently they have the routes of InterJet, Southwest Airlines, and Ryanair!

Capt: So I can fly to Mexico City from San Antonio now?

Co-Pilot: Yes, and with active admins, registrations come quickly at less than 16 hours, and in some cases 30 min!

Capt: Awesome! now where do I sign up?

Co-Pilot: At http://www.uvaair.com/

Capt: Ok, Let the Gate agents know we are delayed due to a flat tire while I sign us up for that new airline!

Co-Pilot: Yes, Sir!



Universal Airways - We are not just an Airline, but a Community!


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