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AI Traffic: How To Begin?


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I would enjoy (I think) getting into AI traffic, as i see so many flight plans pre-written and available. Is there any source of a "package" or complete download that would get me started without too much pain? As you can tell, I am totally new at this. Thank you very much!
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Check out the World of AI packages. https://www.world-of-ai.com/


There's also Military AI Works. https://militaryaiworks.com/


Due note that you will need to make sure you use the right AI planes for FS2004 not FSX as you're using FS2004 and you should have upgraded airports from here in the library so you have adequate parking. My rule of thumb is to see if anyone updated the airport I fly to here in the library. Also, if you decide to use nothing but new AI rather than the stock AI, you can safely disable the stock AI flight plans so you're not seeing fake airlines filling your airports with fake AI. I can't remember the name of the flight plan file for the stock AI, but when I get on my desktop I'll look and post back.

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Is there any source of a "package" or complete download that would get me started without too much pain?

To get more or less actual AI traffic you should use one of the payware packages. Unfortunately I can't tell you which might be the most suitable as my sim is running retro CalClassic traffic of the Sixties. BTW, certainly one of the most complete freeware package available (more than 900 different aircraft repaints).



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There are plenty of flight plan files, for a vast variety of airlines, on flightsim.com

The default stock AI flight plan that CRJ_simpilot refers to is FS9/scenery/World/scenery/traffic030528.bgl

Delete this and put any number of flightplan folders into the same location. You will need the appropriate AI aircraft in your aircraft folder, but the flightplan downloads will usually tell you where to find them.

Although there are some more recent programs, I still use Lee Swordy's Traffic Tools (ttool202.zip) to compile flight plans which I have put together using Wordpad. Basically, you need a flight plan file, an aircraft file and an airport file. You can see the format of these by opening downloaded flightplans with Wordpad. Two things to note, the aircraft name in the Aircraft file must exactly match the 'title' in the aircraft.cfg file and all times in the Flightplans folder must be GMT/zulu.

Not too difficult to get into and you can make your AI flights as accurate (or fanciful ?) as you like and appropriate to the area that you fly in.

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If you want something somewhat readily set up, there's MyTraffic 2006, freeware for FS9.

Get it here:



Scroll down a bit and click on 'Read More' to get the DL link.

It'll install updated stock airports that have enough parking, it also includes GA, military aircraft and a voice file to use with Editvoicepack to update ATC. It also comes with a .pdf manual.

But... remember, this is from 2006. The AI models and textures are... not AIA or TFS quality...




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There is no uptodate package on the market.


The way to satisfying AI-Traffic for FS9 goes via the method "Do it yourself" by learning how to use the material (flightplans and repaints) that is available here and on the AI-related sites from the Alpha-India-Group.



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