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Laptop or desktop?


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Laptop.. Asus i5 8gb ram, 1tb drive, additional screen, running 8 unique FS9 installs. Perfect for me, I can take it anywhere, CHProducts yoke & pedals & also a joystick.


LOL, I remember a couple of years ago, we used to load up our cars to take our kit to our virtual club meetings.. box, 2x monitors, keyboard, headphones, mouse portable drives & so on. Often forgetting to pack something. Then connecting everything up, finding power points & switching on. Then switching off, as maybe a card or ram came loose in the car. Opening the box, and pressing the ram & any other cards to make sure all is seated firmly. Then switching on, & maybe repeating. That's about 15-30 minutes of flying time.

Then packing it all up, going home, connecting all up, switching on, switching off...... repeat as needed.


The good old days..


Cape Town, South Africa

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Laptop: Intel i5-8300H, Nvidia GTX1050 2 GB, 8 GB RAM and 2x240 GB SSD. At 1920x1080, 100% default AI, almost all sliders right and no commercial airport sceneries, I'm getting smooth 60 FPS at KJFK. I could get more, if not for Vsync.


Actually, I bought this beast for FSX, and installed FS9 just for curiosity. Since I never liked how add-on airports clear all autogen around, I only need AI and AFCADs to be set.

Best regards,

Luis Hernández 20px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png20px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png

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