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Free worldwide shipping:Propeller plane flight simulator push pull throttle handmade


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Hi, my name is Wernie, I´m a third year's electronics and mechatronics student form the Netherlands. I have a passion for flight simulators. I love designing and building my own equipment from my small apartment. For every piece of equipment I make for myself I build one or two more for selling. Selling these helps me finance my passion and help other pilots who aren´t able to build their own equipment. I build a push throttle for propeller planes that use an Arduino. It has three potentiometers, the push sticks, and six programmable buttons as an extra. The casing is made out of medium-density fibreboard. I make them on order so customization is possible. The price is 250,- EURO ( 283,- USD).




I ship for free worldwide with DHL including a tracking number and payments are done with PayPal.


Thank you,






2020_0513_12415800 (1).jpg

2020_0513_12414200 (1).jpg

2020_0513_12414500 (1).jpg

2020_0513_12415100 (1).jpg

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