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New Flight control system - recommendations please

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I have now decided to try the Logitech X52 HOTAS Pro system after poor results with the Thrust master




If anyone uses this please can you suggest what settings you recommend? there are so many flight controls/ trims etc noT sure what to assign to which button? I have ideas but flight controls are supposed to be 'instinctive'. As in your hand goes to it automatically to control a flight issue


Your guidance would be appreciated


Thanks Folks

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I need recomendations as well. I had a Mark 1 stick, throttle and peddle from Thrustmaster and it became worthless with me upgrading my computer system. I loved the F4 phantom style of grip and with me building a gaming PC again (x570mb 32gb 3600mhz ram 2x16gb Ryzen 3900x and a 2080 super )I would like to get back into flying games again. With the HD remake of Tie fighter being announced I want to relive the space combat and want to find a quality setup with a simular feal as what I once had for a new generation.
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