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Pilot Records Logbook


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Just out of the blue my FSX-SE pilot records logbook, rewards and missions were blank. I did try the FSX file recovery software. It didn't work. I even installed FSX out of the box. The log was still empty and not even recording new flights. I did have the missions and it does give me new rewards, but won't record new flight logs.

At this point all I want to know is how can I get a hold of some fresh files to just start over. And, where exactly do I install them? I am sticking to FSX (boxed edition. I deleted the FSX-SE).

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First off, such issues are usually caused by a single corrupt entry within the logbook file.


Search here at FlgihtSim.com for the following file name - fsxlog11.zip.


This is a old but good simple to use tool to help with the type of problem you have encountered.


Install it as per the instructions and then run it. Once the tool loads click on the Analyse button. It will search your logbook.BIN file and provide you will details on any issues it finds. You can try to repair the logbook using the Recover option.


Once you have got a good logbook you can use the Backup option to generates a local backup copy that the tool will use to allow you to restore the logbook back to the last backup date if you have any further problems.


Get into the practice of running the backup option on a regular basis




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