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Traffic on my own airport FS2004


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After a long time I have found a way to have traffic on my own airport :


I am working with the ADE 170 of scuffy duck.

Pleace notice the working with the ADE !

You should have built the black line from the starting point to the end of the RWY.

From the last point you created a taxiway with the ® Taxibuilding sign. The same ever from the RWY to the Terminal you wanted to build. Then you build a taxi way (T) for example from left zu right. For fukture for the taxi ways you must build ever from left zu right !!

At last you build the (A) Parking Taxiways. And from the (ADD Gate) parking place to the Parking taxi ways.


Now you can finished the PRG after saving and compileing.

I am working with the "Traffic 2005" of Just flight.

The Traffic 2005 dosen't work with the Aerosoft "My Traffc" !!!!

The Traffic AI Enhancer PRG for the FS2004 is working with the Traffic 2005.


With this last PRG I found my created airport. I createtd a "GENERALE FLIGHTPLAN for" and the uses aircrafts.

With the Traffic 2005 now I will show you how I create a flight to your airport.

1. Flight Plan Editor 2. Open flightplans 3 For example "Air Lingus" 4. EI 603 5. Edit flight

6. Dep. Apt for example your airport or Dstination Apt

7. Re-calculate

8. save

9. save as....

10. close

11. Create Traffic Database from all files and waiting. Finish your PRG by EXIT


Start the FS2004 and at the time you have createtd Air Lingus visit you airport. Thats all !!


If you want to have an other fllightplan you can copy it in the FS2004/Traffic2004/Flightplan file

or copy the flightplan extra for you, out of this file.


Greetings from Gernmany near EDDL

Black Baron

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