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Editing AF textures (directly) without AF99 for FS2000


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Hi all:


I am working on bringing back to life some aircraft and traffic in FS2000, by collecting information about vintage schedules and downloading some old aircraft.

My first idea is to make it as real as possible it is in FS2000 for my home airport (TFN) in the seventies.

I've got a lot of aircraft that flew there but some of them I NEED to improve their textures.


And I've been quite successful with many designs, by simply converting them to BMP and editing them. (By transforming the model to accept BMP with "Tex512" and then changing textures to BMP by "Texture Converter" or "Convert r8" to edit)


But for some of them the transformation to a BMP mdl just doesn't work. I always get a blank aircraft, whatever way I rename the textures to BMP.


So I wonder if there's a tool apart from Airport Factory 99 (which I can't get), for just editing the AF textures, or being able to transform AF to BMP to edit and then back to AF.


Does anyone know something about that that can help me?

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