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Give Me A Brake!


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Good day to everyone.


I have a question about the proper procedure that would be used to brake an aircraft such as a 737 / 747.


The way I normally do it is to land with full flaps, deploy the spoilers and thrust reversers and stay like that until slowing to 60 knots, then setting the throttle to idle and using the wheel brakes. Unless, of course, the runway is too short, in which case I may brake harder.


Is this at all like what a real pilot would do? I can't imagine they just stomp of the brakes as soon as they touch down.


Interested in knowing, if anyone happens to have that knowledge.

Spent way too much time using these sims...

FS 5.1, FS-98, FS-2000, FS-2002, FS-2004, FSX, Flight, FSW, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, MSFS

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Those planes and similar have autobrakes, so you would not need to touch the brakes until you are slowed down and need to deactivate them to stretch the rollout to an exit or brake harder to make a nearer exit. If you choose to manually brake, you just apply pressure on them and feel out what you need like you would while driving.
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