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GTX1070 and proposed 32� monitor

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I am running x-plane 11 using a Zotac 1070 mini graphics card which has 8GB video ram. Main system has 32GB ram and is driven by an Intel core i5-8600K cpu. My present monitor is an oldish Samsung Syncmaster and I wish to upgrade to a 32” HD.


Two questions arise.


1. If I buy a 32” monitor running at 2560 x 1440 will the definition suffer if the screen is too big for that resolution to run well with good definition?


2. If I buy a 32” monitor running at 3840x2160 HD resolution, will the graphics card be up to the job.


Any comment would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I am running a gtx1070 with resolution similar to that in #2 acros 2x 24inch monitors. The card is also driving 2 additional 10 inch monitors. All 4 graphics ports are in use and it handles it fine.


This is with a 3.4ghz i5 cpu and FSX.





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