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WEGO Airways Now recruiting pilots


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Hey Pilots & Controllers


We have just opened our registration pages to new pilots. We opened at the start of February and believe we have something for everybody. Flying anything from Cessna Caravan up to the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. We have for areas of the airline. The main passenger section where the planes are locked by rank. The Cargo section where you can fly any plane you like (booking allowing). Executive section where you fly our corporate virtual customers in our executive fleet. and finally our charter division flying our any of our planes to places the main airline doesn't cover. We have based the airline on fantastic payware scenery and awesome freeware scenery so where ever you go your sure to find somewhere to fly. We also have a pilot shop for you to spend your hard earned virtual money. We don't believe that your virtual airline should come before your home life so we DO allow you to pause your flights, leave the cockpit (as long as your not online) and if you really want fly over night whilst your sleeping in your bed. we also only require you to fly once every 60days, and if you cant fly within that time just let us know and we'll keep your account open. We have a teamspeak where we hope once we're fully up and running will be a place of great community and a little bit of banter. we currently use the free version of Kacars as our tracker but are on the waiting list for a custom package. We are also partnered with aerosoft, FS2Crew, Simbrief with others in the pipeline. Which means we have discounts available for you after a while of service. I'm sure I've probably forgotten some stuff so come take a look at our airline at http://www.wegoairwaysva.co.uk read our SOP and we look forward to seeing you.


Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you guys and gals



VCEO WeGo Airways


P.S any questions please don't hesitate to ask :-)

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