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Correct relationship between FF and RPM


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I'm chasing some help.

I've modified the default Acclaim to match our real world Ovation GX including instruments and exterior and interior textures.

2018-10-31_19-28-7-510 - Copy.jpg


I've also tweaked the performance to match our numbers to make it more realistic for practice.

The only match I can't get at the moment relates to fuel flow.

When reducing the RPM the fuel flow should reduce proportionately, similar to when you reduce MP. We operate lean of peak so this is an important way to adjust power. At LOP fuel flow is very nearly proportional to power output.

On mine the fuel flow stays steady and only changes on MP or mixture.

Aircraft is not turbocharged.


I have checked other aircraft and it does operate correctly so I'm guessing there is a setting I'm missing somewhere but can't find.

I've spent a fair bit of time checking the .air and aircraft.cfg files, and comparing to to others.


Anyone able to point me in the right direction?




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