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Vulcan - Just Flight

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Apologies if this has already been asked but I cannot find it in a search.

Does the Just Flight Vulcan have a key board command which can be used to activate the Brake Parachute when using the spot view or does it have to be done when in Virtual Cockpit view?

Many thanks

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As HighByPass has suggested, you can use standard assigned key commands to achieve this not only for the chute but also the airbrakes and bomb bay doors.


I seem remember that it is mentioned in the manual (can't check right now as away from the PC that I have the product installed on), but I also remembered that there is a statement on the products' Detailed Description page - have double checked the website and it states, under the AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS section the following:


Airbrakes, bomb doors and brake-chute can be operated using standard control assignments for ease of use


I.E - this implies that the standard FSX key assignments are already assigned




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