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OSM World: Western Europe Error while running EURW.bat


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I try to install


OSM World: Western Europe for use with FS 2004



Design & Artwork by Mario Noriega 2014

Coastlines, riversd, lakes, roads, railways, poewrlines, city areas.



Ive followed the intructions, extract all files in C:\FS2004\Addon Scenery


(that is not the default Microsoft path!!)


I have registered all scenery parts in the scenery.cfg as instructed.


But when I execute the batch file "EURW.bat" located in Addon SCenery/OSM world 1 Core, the following error appears: "system can not find the shown path" (in German: System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden). This error line apaears 7 times.


What can I do? Has it to do with that I have another FS9 directory: C:\FS2004 ?


error osm world.jpg



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What can I do? Has it to do with that I have another FS9 directory: C:\FS2004?


Firstly, is your fs9.exe actually located in C:\FS2004 or is it located in C:\Flight Simulator 9? My installation doesn't have an "FS2004" folder, mine has a "Flight Simulator 9" folder. If you're trying to set this up in a special Addon Scenery folder outside of the sim installation it won't work.


The .bat file uses relative paths, in your case it must be run from "C:\FS2004\Addon Scenery\OSM World 1 Core" but that assumes your fs9.exe is located in C:\FS2004. Is that the case, and are your folder names exactly the same (in English) or does your German version(?) use any German folder names?


The .bat is trying to find files in "..\..\Scenery\Eurw\Scenery", the ..\..\ means "up one level\up one level\Scenery\Eurw\Scenery", so the first ..\ should put you in Addon Scenery and the 2nd ..\ should put you in the main Flight Simulator 9 folder. From there it's trying to go down to Scenery\Eurw\Scenery and move some default files to a backup location to disable them.


The .bat file should make it's own backup folder, it's trying to disable these default files by making a folder "C:\FS2004\Addon Scenery\OSM World EURWBACKUP\Scenery" and moving the default files into it where they'll be invisible to the sim. Does that folder exist, and are there any files in it after running the .bat file?


Failing all the above I've attached a .txt document with a list of all the default files the .bat file wants to disable, in my case those are all located in "Flight Simulator 9\Scenery\Eurw\Scenery". I guess you could disable them manually and forget about the .bat file?


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Thank you. I ve choosen the mnanual solution. Got contact with the author of the scenery.He aswered:


This is an issue with windows 10, where the batch file just does not work properly. The bat file moves some files out of your default i9nstallation to avoid double coastlines and roads being displayed. It would have been better if I used the same structure as FS and replaced those instead (while providing a backup). I will instruct you on how to manually move the files out instead:


1. navigate to FS2004\Scenery\Eurw\Scenery, move all files listed below to a backup folder of your choice

2. BR9EURW0.bgl, BR9EURW1.bgl

3. HL******.bgl (* = some number)


5. RD******.bgl

6. RR******.bgl

7. ST******.bgl

8. UT******.bgl


If you desire to install OSM world south america, do the same from the folder \Scenery\Same\Scenery



Let me know if this solves your problems,



Best Regards,




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