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Difficulty downloading files

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I am struggling to figure out how to download files. I always get an error page regarding cookies as shown at the bottom of this message.


I have followed all the instructions regarding allowing cookies, but I still always get this error.


I have tired using both Chrome and Edge.


I have rebooted several times.


I tried re-creating new accounts on flightsim.com.


I have downloaded and installed the various download managers.


But I still always get this error, for any of the files I attempt to download.


Clearly I am missing something! Does anyone have any ideas?


Many thanks,






Your browser or download accelerator is not presenting the login cookie.

These are the current FlightSim.Com cookies that your browser has:


fsc_lastvisit: 1588669291

fsc_lastactivity: 0

fsc_sessionhash: 17ff775f750e3bf774dcade5fb278137


For further information on how to fix this problem, please follow the links below:


Login/Cookies Help

Download/GetRight Help

Download/DAP Help

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