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Amazing Clouds....

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Agree, they look stunning and am very excited for this release!

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The clouds are amazing.


My question, will there be a "haze" layer? You know... when flying closer to the ground, the haze / moisture / humidity in the air that minimizes the view distance; if there is a several-hundred-mile view distance in the upper atmosphere, will there be a minimized view distance with humidity, not relative to fog?


So when we use Real Weather through their partner(s), and visibility is only 10 miles, then haze after that (until in the upper atmosphere), will that be rendered?

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I only recently found out myself that someone noticed there are no cirrus clouds so I haven't posted that before. Kinda a major missing element imo. They are also blurry. That's not guessing or an opinion, they are blurry.


Not sure what you are looking for in realistic clouds but I'm just looking for realistic clouds!

MSFS appears really set up for Xbox users so when they crash their plane into their house they can do it with armageddon-ish conditions. I'm just looking for your typical everyday clouds represented well. Being totally honest, from everything I've seen FS9 does do this better.

Mark Daniels
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That's what I was going to say, these clouds look too well defined, too clean, while in real life, they're blurrier, as if you were looking at these pictures with your eyes focused on another distance. Still, they're leagues above everything I've seen in a game so far!
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