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I downloaded the A-6E Intruder plane and in panel.cfg there is a gauge I am not able to find:

The gauge is bell_206b!IOAT and I am not able to find it in internet

Someone can help me?

Many thanks



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From what I can see, there is a Bell206b.dll contained in the Gauges folder of FSX, and FS9, both. I'd be willing to wager that the IOAT you're looking for is contained within it.

Since it's very difficult, if not impossible, to "disassemble" a .dll file, you'll just have to use it as-is. You will not be able to seperate the IOAT from the rest of the .dll file.

Also, since FSX and FS9 .dll files are compiled differently, make sure to utilize the one for the sim you're using.


You can just insert the IOAT gauge into a panel.cfg file like any other gauge. Just use the usual way: gaugeXX=Bell_206B!IOAT, 223,307,68,38 , just as an example. The osition and size will have to be changed to fit it correctly, and place it correctly, in the panel you are creating. The XX is the next number in the sequence of gauges.


Does this help at all?



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