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DCS World.....what?

Biff malibu

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Go to website...looks like about 5 different versions,each with "updates" and "patches". Also there is a DCS server - do I need that or not? Hmmm which version? This one looks newest...download. Oh wait a minute now I have to download something else...what? Game will open to homepage but thats it, nothing works. Flew the demo once for a minute and it crashed. Is there any an easy fix or is this just how flight sims are now?
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5 versions? If you read the description you will notice that there are only 2 full versions.

The beta version which contains all the latest mods and is more likely to crash (haven't experienced a single crash in many month)

Or the standard DCS world which is supposed to be stable, but without the latest mods.


Since you are experiencing crashes with WOTR and DCS it looks like it's your PC which is the problem.

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