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Hi Guy's


(Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum)


Recently purchased X plane 11 and FS Flight school 2020 after a long gap from Very very amature flying in FsX. I pulled out my Logitech Attack 3 ad low and behold it has kicked the bucket.


This time I'm planning to take my simming to a more respectable level as well now that im older and wiser than the young teen I was back so what im now looking at is a new flight controller. im looking for reccomendations on what to go for and im open to anything wether it be a yoke or flight stick.


Im on a tight budgtet of €100-€150. personally I was looking at the Logitech/Saitek pro flight if anyone had comments on that? I can currently pick it up new for €114 and in terms of rudder pedals I have a logitech G27 which im going to use the pedals off until I can afford a decent pair.


I'm also playing in VR if that has any sway.


Thanks in advance;



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