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Viewing repaints in FSX


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Hopefully this is the right forum for this, if not, apologies.


I have done many,many repaints in X-Plane, but I also have FSX (which I must admit I very rarely use). My good friend and fellow X-Planer "Captn Don" has started a new VA for those who like "low and slow" and VFR flying. You can check it out at https://www.fly-gaclub.org/


I have already done a default Laminar Kingair C90B for him in X-Plane, but as his airline will be for both X-Planers and MSFS guys (plus Prepar3D) I thought it would be nice to do some repaints for these sims as well, something I haven't done before.


In X-Plane, we basically use png files, converted to DDS files after completion, and we can use either "in game" to view the repaints or a built in program called "Planemaker" which allows us to view our painting progress without actually having to fire up x-plane itself. (See Screenshot)


So, my question is : Is there a similar program to "Planemaker" (or object viewer) in FSX to view painting progress without FSX being "fired up"?


Again, apologies if this is not the appropriate forum, maybe I can be pointed in the right direction. Cheers, and keep safe! Robin



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