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Saving multi-monitor setups


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I have been searching the forum for the above noted subject but I can't seem to come upon the right search terms.


I simply want to save the 2D instrument panel to a smaller monitor and the view out of the window on a larger monitor.

I have seen one suggestion to simply save the flight but I haven't found this works. As we all know even when a flight is simply reset, it is necessary to resize, undock and drag the instrument view onto the secondary monitor. That is really tedious.


I've seen suggestions elsewhere to use "ezdok" or "chaseplane" software but these things and all their complicated settings are really over-kill for what I wan to do. I am not interested in "aircraft physics" applied to my views or strolling around airports. I just want my display setup to persist within my FSX session or better yet in a configuration saved to disk. I should mention that I run a licensed version of FSUIPC and have a dozen aircraft configured with 5 profiles. It looked to me on a "chaseplane" video that it only offered the virtual cockpit for configuration as interior view go. This would be of no use to me at all.


Does anyone know of an addon or a hack to FSX that would get me results?

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I don't think that you can save it so that the undocked window automatically opens up when you open a flight but you can at least make it save the size of the window so that you don't have to resize it every time.


Go to the panel.cfg of your aircraft, find the window you want to resize, then edit the bit where it says something like this.....

"window_size=0.575, 0.65"


Good luck



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Thanks stinger and Kenneth for your suggestions.


The last time I did work on this (a few years ago) I did discover the way to make the window size custom tailored for my secondary monitor. I think at this go around, I will resort to that solution again even if it means duplicating the aircraft file with a new name. I will keep the single monitor version as well.


After a little more hammering at the problem I did find I could "Save" a flight on the ground or in the air and it appeared to keep my undocked windows in place at least during numerous "resets" of the flight.


I also did some fresh loads from the previously "saved" two monitor flights and sometimes I got good results and other times it all reverted back to the large screen. This I thought was odd because in Windows I designated the smaller one as my primary.


So in short, this go-around with FSX I have had acceptable results only in that I did not have to drag/resize in between resets of the same flight. That is some progress I suppose.

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I use a great little program FS WINDOW MANAGER. It handles my six screen/view FSX simulator.

Easy to use and a great time saver!


I looked around on the Internet and could not find a reference to the program/application you mentioned. Have you any source information on it?

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