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Turn your Saitek TPM into Hall Effect version?

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Hi to all,


I am working on an enhanced Hall Effect HE upgrade kit (with reverse function solved) for Saitek PS2 or USB


TPM (throttle quadrant). I am also curious how many of you would like to upgrade the OEM potentiometers in


your throttle quadrant into a Hall Effect sensors.


This will benefit those who have suffered from the unstable or defective potentiometers without dumping the


Saitek TPM box with a good controller board into the trash can. Per some Simflyers wishes to hold on to their


USB Saitek TPM after replacing the bad potentiometers as a good temporary solution with the new honeycomb


yoke before purchase the honeycomb TPM unit.


In my opinion ( I am not an expert though) the Saitek does have a good design and value in sim gear for


beginner, except the notorious bad potentiometer reliability. I realized the Saitek new USB TPM price is


become expensive compare to 5 five years ago, but still affordable than other TPM products.


For many years before 2019 I was in the same position as other with a terrible "jitter" nightmare and frustration


in my Saitek PS2 and USB TPM due to their old age. My new developing HE kit saves my Saitek TPM from going


into the recycle bin.


However in my HE design, you still need reasonable basic DIY skill in taking the TPM apart, removing the OEM


lever and the defective potentiometer then install the HE components (new lever and HE sensor) back by


yourself. That means you will do this with your own risk and void all remaining quarantee of your flight gear


offered by Saitek/Logitech.


I have some left over parts for a couple more set of HE upgrade. Just want to recapture my total cost of this

development for materials and tools. Later I will make an instruction video on Youtube for my HE kit upgrade to



Please let me know how you think with clicking the thumb up or down icons leaving me an constructive




Thanks for your attention.

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Hi to all,


Here is the new post in this forum for my completed project.

"Saitek Throttle Quadrant TQ HE Sensors Upgrade Installation"


The video mentioned in this post will show how to accomplish the HE upgrade conversion process.


Thanks !

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