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He everybody

I’m not sure if it flightsim 2000 or 2002 but there was a big a4 sized book of instruction when purchased one of theses flight sims. It went hand in hand with the tutorials on the flight sim that you could do to teach you how to fly. You could do tests and print yourself out the relevant licences for examample private pilot and instrument rating in what was called the check ride. In this book I learnt how to use VOR and fly to and from and intercept a heading to a VOR. Instrument rating. Do you know this book? I did this years ago but went on fsx today in a Cessna and tried to do this and completely forgot it now and want to learn again

I think it’s fs 2000 but not sure

Anyway does anybody know of a pdf file of this on the Internet or is it only book form.

Please help

Many thanks

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Your post is old now, being April 2020, but if still interested, it's 2000. I have the physical book. The training is Rod Machado's school. The book has the Ground School lessons. I have FS2000, FS2002. In 2002 there is no book, the content is within the program. Yes, it's very good, I also have gone through the lessons and learnt from it about VOR etc.
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