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Expression of Interest - Improving default 747-400 VC


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Hi all,


I have begun a new default VC enhancement project for the default 747-400. Some of you might be familiar with my first project - the Defaultimate 737 (search defaultimate737.zip in the file library).


As complex aircraft systems and coding are really not my strengths, I got in touch with G Munro in order to seek his permission and collaboration in adapting the default 747-400 VC for use with his fantastic 747-400 2D panel. If you're unfamiliar with G Munro's work, you really must check his panels out. Search G Munro in the file library for some wonderfully detailed panels.


I'm seeking expressions of interest for development assistance and beta testing. If you have any familiarity with 747-400 systems and processes, any coding or texturing ability or just have an interest in the 747 and would like to beta test, then please PM your interest and email address to me (for goodness' sake, don't post your email address in a public forum! :))


Early results are pleasing. Refer to the screenshot below. Note the tidied up autopilot section (it's just an ugly hot mess in the default VC), new warning and caution indicators, adjustable autopilot bank limiter knob, reworked CRT screen select switches and of course the fabulous new screens designed by G Munro. What you can't see are that all EFIS knobs and buttons are functional and animated where appropriate, the CRT screens are dimmable and the autopilot disengage bar is functional and animated.


I've also amended the lighting on the external 747 aircraft model so that they work now correctly.




There is lots to come, including making most of the overhead panel functional, animated and with appropriate button lights.


If you're interested in this project and would like to get involved, PM me and I'll be in touch with you in the coming weeks.


Stay safe everyone.



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