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FS2004 Want the full toe brakes back!

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Hi y'all. Recently (finally) purchased and received the Logitech saitek rudder pedals, and also finally managed to get the differential brakes to work properly (has to be set on "reverse" for some reason).


However now I can't get the toe brake to work which is much stronger than the differential brakes for stopping. Still using the logitech joystick, I still have the brakes to be used by the trigger on there and tried all three "repeat" functions but to no avail. I also removed the brake assignment on the rudder pedals (not sure what that would do). The trigger works when disabling the parking brake, but never actually works again. I can now only "release" brakes.


Also on a weird side note, when pressing the differential brakes, it still says "brake" after releasing (no braking action observed, however. Might be minimal).


Many thanks from this red badger!

Carlos Si
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