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Graphics Issue


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Hey guys,


I am having a issue with the graphics.... Lets see if I can explain this so it makes sense...


I'm running FSX with Acceleration pack... I only have just over 8k hours on "this" install....

everything was running fine, other than having to use Spad for my panels..grrrrr


Here is where it got weird, my system graphics are fine...but when the sim starts however,

all text,,,main menus, ATC, shift Z....is in Max res mode,,,so small you can't read or even use the Menu

and yes I have tried to set the game res to the lowest settings....didn't change anything,,,still too small to see..


I think this may have happened after a forced middle of the night win10 update...I got up one morning and my puter was actually OFF... I powered up and started the SIM,,,it came up normally,,,the whole system screen flashed to black and came back messed up.

The opening screen was also very small....


I have also tried to re-install and do a repair...hey it was worth a shot right ?


That has crashed FSX...now the sim won't load at all..opening screen and then it disappears...


NOW, lets make this even more weird... I had a FSX installed on a separate HD....now that one is bad too....


Ya know anyone who wants to buy a bunch of Saitek crap ?.... I am so frustrated

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Hello BushBrat,


What Screen type & resolution are you using.

It kinda sounds like you're using the Nvidia DSR (DynamicSuperResolution) for FSX Fullscreen Resolution, you can quickly check this by using (Alt+Enter) into window mode which should be the same as your desktop resolution.

Most Flat panels around 24" will be UHD 1080p 1920x1080x32 x 60Hz (Native). or 100Hz or 144Hz

if you have one of those G-Sync models.

If the text / menu / Shift+z is back to normal in windowed mode then its your FullScreen resolution setting that must be set to a non DSR resolution. Or choose the same native resolution as your desktop in FSX Settings>Graphics tab> FullScreen Resolution - (1920x1080x32) (native UHD).


You could also opt not to enable any DSR factor in your Nvidia Control Panel & only use (Native) resolutions for Desktop FSX Windowed and FullScreen modes.


An unfortunate side effect of DSR which only works for FullScreen FSX is the shrinking of text fonts, menu & banner text become so small that most can't read.

I have found DSR greater than 2.25x DSR factor which is 1080p 2880x1620x32bit DSR 100Hz on my Acer Predator 24" flatpanel, after that the text is too tiny for my old eyes to read.


Cheers Jethro

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Have you deleted your conf and then tried relaunching fsx? Also did you do a full uninstall before reinstalling? Theres was really no need to do a reinstall i suspect you have a rogue file left somewhere??

i5 4690 (350mhz) with Arctic Cooler, 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, ASUS Rock H97 performance MoBo, MSI Ventus XS OC 1660GTX 6GB, Windows10 64bit, 256GB and 500GB Crucial SSDs

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