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FSX/P4D : KCFS Seabee Redux is out! Many fixes and improvements

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I am pleased to announce that my update and improvement pack for the payware KCFS Seabee (available at Aerosoft and Simmarket for 20€) is now available at the File Library.




This package fixes and improves many glitches of the otherwise pleasing KCFS Seabee, including:

- corrected throttle, mixture and pitch levers' animation

- vintage radio set replaced by Jon Dyer's KY196A and KT70 with 3D models in the VC

GPS295 added in the VC; consistency of switches positions and actions

- flaps and landing gear actuations much more realistic now


Reminder : as stated in the README file, XMLTools (available at FSDeveloper) is required for proper landing gear animation and radio freq storage.


Bonus livery of OH-EGA is included (real life Finnish Seabee now at display at Lusto, the Finnish Forest Museum in PunkaHarju).


I don't own P3Dv4, but I have added instructions and files that SHOULD make the avionics click sounds play in this sim. No warranty about that though, feedback will be appreciated.



Thanks to Kevin from KCFS for allowing me to release modified MDL files, Jon Dyer for the avionics gauges, David W for the GSP295 model and JanKees for the livery template.


Hope you like it!






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Here is the changelog of the incoming Redux v2 as an appetizer:


- Gear and Flaps levers animations now match the markings on the floor, corrected tooltips

- The G keystroke triggers the handpump just like a left-click on the handpump lever, so that gear and flaps actuation is possible without focusing on the lever

- The standard events triggered by the keystrokes G (toggle landing gear), F5, F6, F7 and F8 (full or incremented lowering or raising of flaps) are disabled. Please use the reallife procedure explained below.

- Documentation of the deletion of the passenger model

- Visual improvement of the radio background texture to match the panel overall style.

- Hand pump and gear locking sounds toned down a bit...

- Aircraft data updated in aircraft.cfg : empty weight corrected to 2190lb and rendering of the lack of aileron and rudder trim (aileron_trim_effectiveness and rudder_trim_effectiveness changed from 1.0 to 0.0 in [flight_tuning] section), no more autopilot

- Generator is now synced to the battery switch to avoid battery depletion

- The "Gyro Drift Adjust" tooltip gives the needle position in deg

- The Kohlsman tooltip gives the setting in both inHg and hPa







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