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Hi all


could any one help please


well im flummoxed yet again☹️ my sim is looking the part now


everything done apart from the electronics and dials to activate with a myriad of cards.


so i came to the point of switching the ole pc on in order to get some warping done,on the curved screen ive been working on.


i set up the warpelizer test page,and proceeded to make a good job of setting it up, (amazingly) all was going swimmingly until i ran p3d v4 and to my horror!!! it was only showing the warping that i had painstakingly done on on 1 projector, whilst the others decided to show me an unwelcome message of no signal grrrrr.




i feel this is in the p3d program itself because when i exit p3d the other 2 projectors spring back into life




can anyone help please as this is now getting silly??




i would appreciate any ideas ? cheers




kind regards

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